Environment Condition in May, 2019


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According to the researches, the water level in the Goryn River (above the Baltic Sea level) fluctuated within a month from 192.61 m to 193.25 m in May, 2019 (the minimum value is 192.61 m; the maximum value is 194.00 m; the average is 193.24 m):

In May 2019, the temperature of water in the Goryn River varied from 14.5°С to 20.8°С during the month (minimum value is 13.4; maximum value is 20.8; average is 16.7):

In May 2019, the water flow in the Goryn River changed from 5.34 to 18.2 m3/s during the month  (the minimum value was 5.34; the maximum value was 33.0; the average was 17.9):

The total flow of the Goryn River amounted to 47.9 million m3 in May 2019 (May 2018 - 17.3 million m3) .

The water level of the reservoir-cooler (at the design level of 203.0 m above the Baltic Sea level)  varied from 201.92 to 202.09 meters during the month in May 2019 (the minimum value is 201.92, the maximum value is 202.09, the average - 202.01):

The mirror area of the cooling pond was 18,172 km2, the volume of water was 97.660 million m3 at the end of the month.

In February 2019, the temperature of the water in the cooling pond varied from 3.06°C to 6.0°C during the month (minimum value is 3.0, maximum value is 9.0, average - 5.9):

The chemical analysis data of water quality in the reservoir-cooler (the pump station of auxiliary water) and in the Goryn River (near the Old Mill, Netishyn) were as follows in May:

Cooling pond
Goryn River
Solidity general, mg-equv/dm3
 5.15.60 -
Calcium (Са2+), mg/dm3
 68.183.2 180
Magnesium (Mg2+), mg/dm3
20.717.6 40
Sodium (Na+), mg/dm3
 Potassium (K+), mg/dm3
12.14.9 50
 Bicarbonates (HCO3-), mg/dm3
 292.8 -
Carbonates (CO32-), mg/dm3
0 0 -
Dry residues, mg/dm3
 544340 1000
 Sulfates (SO42-), mg/dm3
 146.048.5 100
Ammonium, (NH4+), mg/dm3
 0.250.23 0,5
Nitrates (NO3-), mg/dm3
 0.69 2.4 40
Nitrites (NO2-), mg/dm3
 < 0.02
 0.12 0,08
Phosphates (PO43-), mg/dm3
Oil products, mg/dm3
 0.012 0.010 0,05
Synthetic surfactants, mg/dm3
 0.046 0.020 0,1
Iron, mg/dm3
 <0.1 0.215 0,1
Permanganate oxidability, mgО/dm3
 8.64 4.96 -
Dissolved oxide (O2), mg/dm3 10.04 7.00 >4

Notes: Standard MAC (maximum allowable concentration) is applied for water objects of industrial fishing (the Goryn River pertains to them) - «Rules of superficial water protection».

According to the data of chemical analysis results mentioned above, the water quality of the reservoir-cooler in May was better than the water quality in the Goryn River regarding some coefficients.

The main water balance components of Khmelnitsky NPP cooling pond are listed in the table below:

May 2019 
May 2018
 - Outflows from the Hnylyi Rih River, mln. m3
 3.162 0.552
 - Horyn River water pumped to KhhNPP cooling pond by the makeup water pumping station, mln. m3
 - Return water from the drainage line to KhhNPP cooling pond pumped by the leakage water pumping station, mln. m3
 1.799 1,684
 - Treated effluent water, mln. m3 0,286 0,320
 - Return water to the Viliia River (Horyn River basin), mln.m3N/A

Over May, emission of pollutants into the atmosphere was in compliance with the limits established for stationary pollution sources. Thus, the pollutant emission standards were not exceeded. The generalized information on pollutants emission is given below in the table.

 Emission May 2019
May 2018
Pollutants (without СО2), t
СО2, t 1.218 0.0

According to the data of ambient air composition research, the month maximum one-time concentration of oxide sulfur at the border of the protected sanitary area of KhNPP (in Neteshin) was <0.05 mg/m3 (<10.0 % from MAC), the maximum one-time concentration of oxide nitrogen was <0.020 mg/m3 (<10.0 % from MAC) in May.

Total precipitation was 151.2 mm during May. Based on the research of precipitation composition, pH value was 7.6 units.

The average month air temperature was «+14.9°С» (the maximum daily temperature was «+23.9°С», the minimum daily temperature was «+6.3°С»).