Lifetime Extension

The main goal of life extension activities is to implement the package of organizational and technical measures to prepare Khmelnitsky 1 for long term operation (LTO), which will ensure its safe and reliable operation at the level established by existing standards and regulations on nuclear and radiation safety.

To achieve the set goal, the following objectives are being implemented during the preparation of Khmelnitsky 1 for long term operation:
  • Assess technical condition of Khmelnitsky 1 components and justify the possibility of extending their life time.
  • Implement safety improvement and modernization measures within CCSUP framework.
  • Replace components which can not be included into lifetime extension programmes due to technical reasons.
  • Perform equipment qualification for Khmelnitsky 1 systems and components.
  • Based on results obtained from technical condition assessment, develop and implement measures to ensure safe and reliable operation of Khmelnitsky 1 during its long term operation.

Results of performed activities are included into Periodic Safety Review (PSR) Report which is submitted to SNRIU for reviewing and taking decision on introducing changes into Khmelnitsky 1 Operating License.

In line with the Energy Strategy of Ukraine, the State Enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company Energoatom” made the decision on preparation of Khmelnitsky 1 for lifetime extension.

In 2017, an application for introducing changes into Khmelnitsky 1 Operating License was submitted to SNRIU by NNEGC Energoatom’s letter 17395/06 dated 12.12.2017.

This decision is based on the fundamental principle of giving the highest priority to ensuring safe long term operation of Khmelnitsky 1.

The lifetime extension strategy chosen by Energoatom involves the shutdown of Khmelnitsky 1 in 2018 for a long outage, implementation of the required scope of LTO activities to ensure its safe and reliable operation, and then the restart of operation.

LTO Headquarters were established by the plant order to organize preparation of Khmelnitsky 1 for lifetime extension.

The following basic documents were developed to define the procedure for implementation of LTO activities at NPP site:
  • Programme for Khmelnitsky 1 Preparation for Long Term Operation, № 1.NR.7947.PM-17.
  • Licensing Plan for Khmelnitsky 1 Long Term Operation, №1.NR.0700.PN-17.
  • Technical Decision on Safe Operation of Khmelnitsky 1 Reactor after Completion of the 29th Fuel Cycle and Fuel Unloaded from the Reactor Core, 1.NR.1939.TR-17/ОZ.
Brief General Plan for Khmelnitsky 1 Lifetime Extension Activities

Currently, the following life extension preparation activities have been completed at Khmelnitsky 1: technical condition assessment and life extension of
  • Buildings and structures containing safety-related systems,
  • Turbine,
  • Power transformers, including Main Transformer and Auxiliary Transformers,
  • Automated Radiation Monitoring System,
  • Essential Service Water Supply System pipelines.

The following activities are in progress: technical condition assessment and life extension of
  • Reactor facility,
  • Safety-related vessels, tanks, heat-exchangers in the Reactor Building,
  • Safety-related pipelines in the Reactor Building,
  • Safety-related pipelines in the Turbine Building,
  • Safety-related pipelines of Chemical Department,
  • Safety-related pipelines of Electrical Department,
  • Emergency diesel-generator equipment,
  • Pumps in the Reactor and Turbine Buildings.

Also, CCSUP implementation is in progress and the following activities are being performed at Khmelnitsky 1:
  • Lifetime extension of NPP components based on maintenance / overhaul results;
  • Replacement of components not included into life extension programmes;
  • Qualification of systems and equipment;
  • Development and approval of Periodic Safety Review Report.
Current Life Extension / Replacement of Equipment

Based on technical examination results and maintenance works performed in 2017, life was extended for 9451 items of equipment, and 241 decisions were prepared. Please see more details in the table below:

Equipment Description
Kh-1 and Shared Plant Equipment
Items of EquipmentNumber of Decisions
Data Control Systems 1165 4
Electrical Equipment 3506 90
Mechanical Equipment 4780 147
 Total 9451 241

In 2017, 54 items of equipment were replaced according to the plan:
Equipment Description
Khmelnitsky-1, items of equipment
Data Control Systems-
Electrical Equipment53
Mechanical Equipment 1
  Total 54

Metal inspection of steam generator and reactor coolant system piping

Measurements of core baffle dimensions

Metal inspection of ECCS piping

Metal inspection of ECCS piping

Inspection of threaded area in RPV main flange studs