Cooperation with WANO

World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) was founded in May 1989 with the purpose to exchange operating experience thus giving an opportunity to its members to achieve high results and enhance safe operation of their NPPs by taking into account experience of other NPPs.

WANO activity is directed at implementation of its main mission: to maximize safety and reliability of nuclear power plants through:
  • Exchange of information.  
  • Promoting establishment of contacts among WANO members, and benchmarking their performance.
  • Emulation of best practices.

Ukrainian NPPs and other international NPPs that operate Russian design reactors belong to WANO Moscow Centre (WANO-MC). The main areas of KhNPP and WANO-MC cooperation include participation of KhNPP personnel in:

  • Peer reviews.
  • Technical support missions.
  • Programs: “Exchange of Operating Experience” and “WANO Performance Indicators”.
  • Workshops and meetings.
  • Meetings of Chief Engineers and VVER-440, VVER-1000 club.

In 2017, KhNPP continued cooperation within the framework of WANO programs for operating experience exchange, peer reviews, workshops, technical support missions, performance indicators, and young generation movement.

In 2017, KhNPP hosted a peer review follow-up mission. Its purpose is to analyze implementation of corrective actions developed based on Areas for Improvement identified during the full scope Peer Review held in 2015.

1 KhNPP expert participated as a team member in Radiation Safety area during the peer review held at Smolensk NPP.

KhNPP experts participated in 3 WANO technical support missions.

Also, 2 technical support missions were held at KhNPP site, namely: 

•    Radiation Protection and Radioactive Contamination Practices (June 12-16, 2017);
•    Performance Improvement. Practices for Monitoring and Assessing Efficiency of Using External Operating Experience and Minor Event Management (May 21–27, 2017).

KhNPP experts participated in 7 WANO-MC working meetings on safety improvement, sharing of good practices, and human resources management. International meeting on Human Resources Management and Optimal Process of Personnel Rejuvenation was held at KhNPP in June 2017.   

In total, KhNPP participated in 29 WANO-MC activities in 2017. 28 KhNPP experts took part in activities that were held in other countries, and 56 KhNPP experts took part in activities that were held in Ukraine and at KhNPP site.