International Cooperation

Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant implements its international activities in the frame of international conventions on nuclear energy use that Ukraine has acceded to, bilateral and multilateral intergovernmental agreements, Utility level agreements, and bilateral partnership agreements between NPPs, international programs and projects in the field of nuclear energy. The activities are seeking to ensure reliable and safe operation of KhNPP, develop and strengthen official, scientific, technical, and business relations and cooperation with international partners, improve image of KhNPP and Ukrainian nuclear industry in whole. Implementation of on-site technical assistance programs provided to KhNPP by world community is a constituent part of international activities.

International Cooperation and Technical Assistance Department (ICTAD) consisting of Technical Assistance Group and Technical Translation Laboratory ensures implementation of international activities.

ICTAD main functions are as follows:

1. Develop and strengthen official, scientific, technical, and business relations and cooperation with international nuclear power plants, companies, and other enterprises to ensure KhNPP safe and reliable operation.
2. Implement KhNPP policies and coordinate activities of its departments in the area of international cooperation and technical assistance.
3. Organize logistical support to delegations and missions hosted by KhNPP.

International Cooperation and Protocol Support

 In this area ICTAD:

-    Coordinates international cooperation of KhNPP departments;
-     Coordinates and monitors implementation of bilateral and multilateral agreements for cooperation with international organizations and companies;
-    Analyzes implementation of approved cooperation programs;
-    Plans, processes, and analyzes business trips abroad;
-    Prepares international cooperation reports.

Annually, up to 50 international delegations visit KhNPP in the framework of cooperation with international organizations.

In 2017, ICTAD organized reception of 52 international delegations numbering 161 people in total. Foreign experts participated in workshops and meetings of joint working groups on implementation of EC technical assistance projects in the nuclear safety area (INSC) that were conducted at KhNPP site, performed supervision and maintenance of equipment. Some visits were devoted to cooperation in the area of investments into power industry and completion of KhNPP 3 & 4 construction, replacement and upgrade of valves, implementation of load-following mode. Also, 5 delegations visited Khmelnitsky NPP to get familiar with KhNPP performance within the framework of Ukraine-EU Energy Bridge project.

In 2017, table-top exercises were conducted at KhNPP site within the project “Incorporation of Ukrainian Nuclear Security System into the Global Nuclear Security Framework”. In May 2017, representatives of international Nuclear Insurance Pools, including surveyors from UK, Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian Nuclear Insurance Pools, conducted an insurance survey of Khmelnitsky NPP.

Cooperation with IAEA

Cooperation with WANO

Implementation of Technical Assistance Projects Financed by European Commission

Commercial Contracts

Plans for KhNPP International Cooperation

As per ongoing projects, agreements, programs for 2018 and further prospects, KhNPP is planning to ensure implementation of:
1.    WANO-MC Cooperation Programme for 2018;
2.    European Commission technical assistance program “Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation” (INSC);
3.    IAEA cooperation programmes;
4.    Involvement of KhNPP experts in cooperation with international suppliers of equipment and services as per commercial contracts.