International Co-operation

International Cooperation

International Cooperation of Khmelnytskyi NPP in 2020

Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plant implements its international activities in the frame of international conventions on nuclear energy use that Ukraine has acceded to, bilateral and multilateral intergovernmental agreements, Utility level agreements, and bilateral partnership agreements between NPPs, international programmes and projects in the field of nuclear energy to ensure safe and reliable operation of its units, as well as memorandums and commercial contracts. Implementation of on-site technical assistance programmes provided to KhNPP by international community is a constituent part of its international activities.

International Cooperation and Technical Assistance Department (ICTAD), consisting of Technical Assistance Group and Technical Translation Laboratory, ensures implementation of international activities.

ICTAD main roles and objectives are as follows:
  • Develop and strengthen official, scientific, technical, and business relations and cooperation with international nuclear power plants, companies, and other enterprises to ensure safe and reliable operation of KhNPP;
  • Implement KhNPP policies and coordinate activities of its departments in the area of international cooperation and technical assistance;
  • Provide organizational support to delegations and missions hosted by KhNPP.

In this area ICTAD:
  • Coordinates international cooperation of KhNPP departments;
  • Coordinates and monitors implementation of bilateral and multilateral agreements for cooperation with international organizations and companies;
  • Analyzes implementation of approved cooperation programmes;
  • Plans, processes, and analyzes business trips of KhNPP employees abroad;
  • Prepares international cooperation reports.

Annually, about 100 international delegations visit KhNPP in the framework of cooperation with companies that are equipment and service suppliers, international organizations, partners. Unfortunately, in the context of a pandemic, the number of visits was limited, and some visits were canceled at all. 

Prior to COVID-19 quarantine, ICTAD organized reception of 4 international delegations numbering 35 people in total:
  • 2 working meetings on international projects (SSM, Sweden; GSE Performance Solutions Inc., USA);
  • Workshop on practical application of inductively-coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (INTERTECH Corporation, USA);
  • Presentation of TT-Detector monitoring system by representatives of Energy Safety Group LLC and Ahlberg Cameras AB, Sweden.

Cooperation with IAEA

Cooperation with IAEA is intended to ensure conduct of nuclear material control inspections on the regular basis, prepare for and participate in IAEA missions (OSART, PROSPER, ASSET, etc.), participate in workshops and meetings, which is a good opportunity for NPP experts to meet leading IAEA experts and representatives from European operators, share information and discuss topical issues of nuclear industry. In general, it’s worth mentioning that IAEA activities attended by KhNPP experts cover a wide range of NPP activities with regard to accepted international requirements and recommendations.

KhNPP hosted a number of international missions during the period of its cooperation with IAEA:
  • ASSET (1993 р.) – assessment of events occurred at KhNPP;
  • IPPAS (2003 р.) – assessment of physical protection level;
  • OSART (1995 and 2007 - main missions, 2000 and 2009 – follow-ups): operational safety review.

Under implementation of EC-IAEA-Ukraine Joint Project on Nuclear Safety Evaluation for Ukrainian NPPs, KhNPP hosted the following international missions in 2009:
  • Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning Mission (May 24-30, 2009);
  • OSART Follow-up and Expert Mission on NPP Operational Safety (May 25 - June 04, 2009);
  • Design Safety Review for KhNPP-1 (October 12-15, 2009).

Within IAEA technical assistance project, KhNPP hosted an expert mission in October 2013. It included practical training in application of CLP4NET cyber platform and was held for system administrators and Training Center instructors.
Technical reports were prepared to document findings of all missions.
In 2020, cooperation with IAEA was aimed to ensure the conduct of nuclear material control inspections on the regular basis, participate in workshops and technical meetings.
2 nuclear material control and accounting inspections were conducted at KhNPP site within the framework of IAEA Safeguards Programme. Their main activities included physical verification of nuclear fuel in the reactor core, spent fuel pool, and new nuclear fuel facility, etc.
KhNPP experts participated in 3 events conducted within the framework of IAEA technical cooperation and in 2 webinars organized by IAEA Incident and Emergency Centre. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related travel restrictions, events were held remotely by using video conferencing options.
Also, EC Joint Research Centre (JRC) conducted a webinar on European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange (ECURIE) system in July 2020. KhNPP Radiation Safety Department specialists took part in this webinar. 

World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) was founded in May 1989 with the purpose to exchange operating experience thus giving an opportunity to its members to achieve high results and enhance safe operation of their NPPs by taking into account experience of other NPPs.
WANO activity is directed at implementation of its main mission: to maximize safety and reliability of nuclear power plants through:
•     Exchange of information;
•    Promoting establishment of contacts among WANO members, and benchmarking their performance;
•    Emulation of best practices.
In 1997, Energoatom was accepted as a collective member of WANO Moscow Centre (WANO-MC). The main areas of KhNPP and WANO-MC cooperation include participation of KhNPP personnel in:
•    Peer reviews;
•    Support missions;
•    Workshops and meetings;
•    Meetings of Chief Engineers and VVER-440, VVER-1000 club.
In 2020, KhNPP continued to cooperate with WANO-MC under 5 programmes. Most activities were held under the Learning and Development programme.

1.    Learning and Development
    61 KhNPP experts took part in events under this programme. Starting March 2020 due to COVID-19 quarantine, workshops, seminars and conferences were held in video conferencing mode. Thereby, a larger number of KhNPP specialists could attend the events. The topics of workshops, webinars and meetings covered a wide range of issues related to effective organization management and technical issues specific to the nuclear industry:
•    Operating experience and continuous performance improvement;
•    Planning of electricity sales and NPP ancillary services. Pricing. Fulfillment of sales schedule. Risk management;
•    Aging management of NPP equipment;
•    Reactivity management during VVER start-ups;
•    Compliance with maintenance documentation requirements and maintenance works procedure;
•    NPP configuration management;
•    Power uprates of operating VVER units;
•    COVID-19 Human Performance Forum - The role of leadership in preventing events during the 'new normal';
•    Leadership: Setting Direction during Challenging Times.

2.    Operating Experience
    Chief Process Engineer Division is directly responsible for organization and coordination of external operation experience feedback in KhNPP. In 2020, KhNPP sent 4 event reports (violations and deviations).

3.    Technical Support and Exchange    
This programme provides for support missions involving Ukrainian and international experts and benchmarking visits to share experiences. In August 2020, one KhNPP specialist took part in Support Mission "Assessment and Improvement of Safety Culture" at SUNPP and at SS “Atomenergomash”. In 2020, KhNPP planned to host 2 support missions. But due to the pandemic, they were cancelled and postponed to 2021.

4.    NPP Performance Indicators
As per NNEGC Energoatom order No 669 dated 03.08.2009, KhNPP has established procedure for implementation of “NPP Performance Indicators” programme. OE department (Chief Process Engineer Division) is responsible for data preparation and transfer to WANO website.

5.    Peer Reviews
Peer Reviews programme enables WANO members to learn and share the best world practices in NPP safe and reliable operation and, therefore, to improve the operation of their stations. Under the new conditions, peer reviews were conducted with participation of only Ukrainian experts.

In 2020, one KhNPP expert took part in WANO-MC Follow-up Peer Review at South Ukraine NPP in the maintenance area. KhNPP will host Follow-up Peer Review in September 2021.  

Pursuant to WANO Policy Document 5 “WANO’s Membership”, NNEGC Energoatom initiated the procedure to incorporate Energoatom to WANO Paris Center (PC) for Peer Reviews Programme. This document allows an operating organization to join several regional centers.

In 2019, preliminary arrangements were ongoing between Moscow and Paris centers with the support of WANO London Office. The result of this work was a trilateral Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation signed by NNEGC Energoatom, WANO Paris Center, and WANO Moscow Center on October 20, 2019.

As per the memorandum, WANO PC started a recruitment process in order to create a pool of qualified experts who will work for WANO PC as secondees under the Peer Reviews Programme. Secondees are technical experts who will take part in PC peer reviews after the dedicated training. KhNPP selected 3 nominees to work for WANO PC as secondees. Unfortunately, they were not accepted as their English test was not successful.

In 2020, all working meetings with WANO-PC were held in video conferencing mode. These meetings covered issues of cooperation between NNEGC Energoatom and WANO MC and PC, distribution of responsibilities under the Peer Reviews Programme, potential risks on the way to our company integration to WANO Peer Reviews Programme.

In 2020, KhNPP continued implementation of 2 international technical assistance projects supported by Governments of Sweden and Norway:

•    A contract for RiskSpectrum PSA software update and technical support was signed in 2018 by NNEGC Energoatom, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) and Lloyd’s Register Consulting - Energy AB. In 2020, the PSA update for Kh-2 was performed and activities on Kh-1 PSA update are in progress.    
•    The project on retrofitting of KhNPP Physical Protection System started in 2016 and was completed in March 2020. However, a new contract was signed in December 2020 to increase KhNPP physical protection level.

Khmelnytskyi NPP has contracts with many international suppliers of equipment and services. In this area KhNPP had cooperation with 17 international companies. In 2020, KhNPP hosted 33 international delegations with a total number of 51 people; 16 visits took place during the quarantine period. In general, the cooperation in this area was focused on modernization, operation, and maintenance of equipment at KhNPP units in operation
In 2020, repair activities aimed to resume the operation of turbine generators were in place at Kh-1 and 2. The repair was supervised by GE Power engineer (Poland) together with KhNPP personnel. Polish GE Power is a part of General Electric Corporation, which is one of the world leaders in the development of reactor technologies, manufacture and modernization of electrical equipment for nuclear power plants. GE Power experts paid 14 visits to KhNPP site to supervise the repair of generators.
During Outage-2020, TENSOR (Sweden, USA), ANF Energo (Russia), Ahlberg Cameras (Sweden), SKODA (Czech Republic), Svertas Group (Lithuania), INETEC (Croatia) provided engineering and technical support at Unit №2 for installation and commissioning activities, supervision and testing of equipment. Representatives of NUKEM (Germany) and Dzidra (Estonia) visited KhNPP site within the framework of equipment supply for Radwaste Treatment Complex Facility.
Also, KhNPP personnel performed other contract activities at the facilities of equipment and service suppliers outside Ukraine.