International Co-operation

International Cooperation

Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant implements its international activities in the frame of international conventions on nuclear energy use that Ukraine has acceded to, bilateral and multilateral intergovernmental agreements, Utility level agreements, and bilateral partnership agreements between NPPs, as well as international programs and projects in the field of nuclear energy. The activities are seeking to ensure reliable and safe operation of KhNPP, develop and strengthen official, scientific, technical, and business relations and cooperation with international partners, improve image of KhNPP and Ukrainian nuclear industry in whole. Implementation of on-site technical assistance programs provided to KhNPP by world community is a constituent part of international activities.
International Cooperation and Technical Assistance Department (ICTAD), consisting of Technical Assistance Group and Technical Translation Laboratory, ensures implementation of international activities.
ICTAD main tasks are as follows:
1. Develop and strengthen official, scientific, technical, and business relations and cooperation with international nuclear power plants, companies, and other enterprises to ensure safe and reliable operation of KhNPP.
2. Implement KhNPP policies and coordinate activities of its departments in the area of international cooperation and technical assistance.
3. Organize organizational support to delegations and missions hosted by KhNPP.

International Cooperation and Protocol Support
 In this area ICTAD:
-    Coordinates international cooperation of KhNPP departments;
-     Coordinates and monitors implementation of bilateral and multilateral agreements for cooperation with international organizations and companies;
-    Analyzes implementation of approved cooperation programs;
-    Plans, processes, and analyzes business trips of KhNPP employees abroad;
-    Prepares international cooperation reports.
Annually, about 100 international delegations visit KhNPP in the framework of cooperation with companies that are equipment and service suppliers, international organizations, partners.
In 2019, ICTAD organized reception of 101 international delegations numbering 281 people in total. Cooperation with international experts was focused on the issues of equipment upgrades and replacements, engineering support to installation and commissioning activities, supervision and tests, after-sales services, supervision of maintenance activities carried out at Kh-1 electrical generator.   
Some visits were related to cooperation with World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO). KhNPP hosted WANO Peer Review on September 12 – 27, 2019.
Within the framework of bilateral cooperation agreements between NNEGC Energoatom and the Chinese Nuclear National Corporation (CNNC) and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), Khmelnitsky NPP was visited by their experts, as well as representatives of their subsidiaries and partners.

Cooperation with International Organizations
Cooperation with IAEA
Cooperation with IAEA is intended to ensure conduct of nuclear material control inspections on the regular basis, prepare for and participate in IAEA missions (OSART, PROSPER, ASSET, etc.), participate in training courses and workshops, which is a good opportunity for NPP experts to meet leading IAEA experts and representatives from European operators, share information and discuss topical issues of nuclear industry. In general, it’s worth mentioning that IAEA activities attended by KhNPP experts cover a wide range of NPP activities with regard to accepted international requirements and recommendations.
KhNPP hosted a number of international missions during the period of its cooperation with IAEA:
• ASSET (1993): assessment of events occurred at KhNPP.
• IPPAS (2003): assessment of physical protection level.
• OSART (1995 and 2007 – main missions, 2000 and 2009 – follow-ups): operational safety review.
Under implementation of EC-IAEA-Ukraine Joint Project on Nuclear Safety Evaluation for Ukrainian NPPs, KhNPP hosted the following international missions in 2009:
• Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning Mission (May 24-30, 2009).
• OSART Follow-up and Expert Mission on NPP Operational Safety (May 25 - June 04, 2009).
• Design Safety Review for KhNPP-1 (October 12-15, 2009).
Within IAEA technical assistance project, KhNPP hosted an expert mission in October 2013. It included practical training in application of CLP4NET cyber platform and was held for system administrators and Training Center instructors.
Technical reports were prepared to document findings of all missions.
In 2019, cooperation with IAEA was aimed to ensure the conduct of nuclear material control inspections on the regular basis, participate in workshops and technical meetings where KhNPP participants had the opportunity to share information and discuss important issues of nuclear industry with leading IAEA experts and representatives from European nuclear operators. KhNPP experts use gained experience and received outputs in their daily activities.  
•    In 2019, 5 inspections (one of them - unannounced) were conducted at KhNPP site by IAEA NMC&A personnel within the framework of IAEA Safeguards Programme. Mainly, nuclear material control and accounting (NMC&A) activities included review of NMC&A documents, physical verification of nuclear fuel in the reactor core and of new nuclear fuel, random NM measurements in fuel assemblies, verification of spent fuel assemblies in the spent fuel pool, modernization and replacement of IAEA equipment, maintenance and replacement of IAEA seals. Inspections were completed in the full scope without any comments or remarks.
•    During the reporting period, KhNPP sent 16 applications for participation in IAEA workshops and meetings, among which 11 KhNPP experts were selected as participants of 11 events conducted within the framework of IAEA technical cooperation, regional and international projects. 9 participants took part in workshops and meetings within the framework of the following regional projects:

o    INT/2018 “Supporting Knowledgeable Decision-making and Building Capacities to Start and Implement Nuclear Power Programmes”;
o    RER/2/015 “Strengthening Nuclear Power Plant Lifetime Management for Long Term Operation»;
o    RER/9/143 “Enhancing Radioactive Waste Management Capabilities”;

IAEA events took place in Austria, Czech Republic, South Korea, USA, and Hungary.
It is expected that KhNPP personnel will also take part in IAEA regional projects in 2020.

Also under the IAEA technical cooperation programme, the training on emergency preparedness and response issues was organized at Khmelnitsky NPP site for an expert from Belarusian NPP. 

Cooperation with WANO
World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) was founded in May 1989 with the purpose to exchange operating experience thus giving an opportunity to its members to achieve high results and enhance safe operation of their NPPs by taking into account experience of other NPPs.

WANO activity is directed at implementation of its main mission: to maximize safety and reliability of nuclear power plants through:
• Exchange of information.  
• Promoting establishment of contacts among WANO members, and benchmarking their performance.
• Emulation of best practices;

Ukrainian NPPs and other international NPPs that operate Russian design reactors belong to WANO Moscow Centre (WANO-MC). The main areas of KhNPP and WANO-MC cooperation include participation of KhNPP personnel in:
• Peer reviews.
• Support missions.
• Programmes: “Exchange of Operating Experience” and “WANO Performance Indicators”.
• Workshops and meetings.
• Meetings of Chief Engineers and VVER-440, VVER-1000 club.

    In 2019, KhNPP continued cooperation within the framework of WANO programmes for operating experience exchange, peer reviews, workshops, support missions, performance indicators, and young generation movement.

From September 12 to 27, KhNPP hosted a WANO peer review team. The goal of this review was to assess NPP performance to ensure its safe and reliable operation, the current status of areas for improvement, and effectiveness of corrective actions developed by KhNPP based on the findings of WANO peer review (PR) that was held in November 2015.
Also, PR experts reviewed the implementation of recommendations issued in WANO Significant Operating Experience Reports (SOERs), assessed the condition of nuclear safety culture, and carried out Crew Performance Observations (CPO) to observe MCR crew performance at the Full Scope Simulator.

3 KhNPP experts participated as team members in the following peer reviews held by WANO Moscow Centre and other WANO regional centres:
- Pre-startup peer review at Kakrapar 3 NPP, India;
- Pre-startup peer review at Barakah NPP, the United Arab Emirates;
- Peer review at Bushehr NPP, Iran
Also KhNPP experts participated in 2 benchmarking visits at Mochovce NPP (Slovakia) and Temelin NPP (Czech Republic).

    KhNPP experts took part in 11 WANO-MC working meetings on safety improvement issues, exchange of advanced experience in operation of electrical equipment, steam generators, inspection of reactor pressure vessels, fundamentals of MCR operator work techniques. One international working meeting was held at KhNPP in July 2019. Its topic was “Observations and Coaching Performed by NPP Managers during Walkdowns”.  
In total, KhNPP participated in 28 WANO-MC activities: 32 experts participated in events that took place in other countries, and 82 experts participated in events hosted by Khmelnitsky NPP in 2019.

Implementation of Technical Assistance Projects

2 technical assistance projects were under implementation at KhNPP site. KhNPP was the pilot NPP for these projects. KhNPP experts also participated as members of working groups in 3 other projects implemented at other Ukrainian NPP sites, at the level of the Company, other ministries, and agencies.

Commercial Contracts

Khmelnitsky NPP has contracts with many international suppliers of equipment and services. In general, the cooperation in this area was focused on safety improvement, modernization, operation, maintenance of equipment at KhNPP units in operation, as well as plans for new unit construction.