# 406


During the last day KhNPP generated 24.04 million kWh


# 405

On October 30, Khmelnitsky 1 is at 1002 MW power. 24.04 mln. kWh was generated on October 29, and 518.18 mln. kWh has been generated since the beginning of the month.

Khmelnitsky 2 has been in outage for 23 days.
On October 8, 2015, Khmelnitsky 2 was disconnected from the power grid for outage at 00:09 a.m.

Ionizing radiation background on the industrial site and adjacent area has not changed. Its level corresponds to normal operation of the units and does not exceed natural background values.


Radiation Monitoring

Results of Emission Monitoring for Oct.19 - Oct.26

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