Results of Emission Monitoring


# 336

Emission from 11.09.2017 to 18.09.2017

Emission MPE, %
long-lived nuclides 0.00388
Inert gases 0.0764
Iodine 0.00079

Ionizing radiation background on the industrial site and adjacent area has not changed. Its level corresponds to normal operation of the units and does not exceed natural background values
Information Centre of SE KhNPP

Daily Information on Khmelnitsky NPP Operation


# 335

On September 18, 2017, Khmelnitsky-1 operates at a capacity of 652 MW. Over the past day, the power unit generated 15.7 million kWh of electricity, and 266.65 million kWh of electricity has been generated since the beginning of the month.

Khmelnitsky-2 has been in outage for 22 days.
On August 27, 2017, Khmelnitsky-2 was disconnected from the grid for middle maintenance.

Radiation situation on the site and adjacent areas has not changed, and remains at the level corresponding to normal operation of power units, and does not exceed natural background values.
Information Centre of SE KhNPP