Performance Indicators


# 176

Electricity production
 per day: 24.08 mln.kW*h 
 since the beginning of month: 590.88 mln. kW*h 
 since the beginning of quarter: 882.66 mln. kW*h 
 since the beginning of year: 2143.77 mln. kW*h 
 electricity utilization for auxiliaries: 4.99 % 
General characteristics
 Hours worked: 88.5 ef. days 
 Campaign: 301.3 ef. days 
 Performance factor (net)of the unit: 31.48 % 
 Electrical power (average daily): 1003.26 MW 
 The temperature of circulating water at the inlet:  14.4  o, C 
Electricity production
 per day: 23.77 mln.kW*h 
 since the beginning of month: 570.43 mln. kW*h 
 since the beginning of quarter: 2044.93 mln. kW*h 
 since the beginning of year: 4091.1 mln. kW*h 
 electricity utilization for auxiliaries: 4.57 % 
General characteristics
 Hours worked: 236.5 ef. days 
 Campaign: 323 ef. days 
 Performance factor (net)of the unit: 31.3 % 
 Electrical power (average daily): 990.24 MW 
 The temperature of circulating water at the inlet:  13.9  o, C 
Operating mode of heating system
  direct  reverse  
 temperature : 6745 o, C 
 t of outside air: 15.7 o, C 
Emission in ventiduct
 long-lived nuclides:  2.77*10+04 Bq /day   MPE*  1,00*10+09  Bq /day 
 short-lived nuclides:  . Bq /day   MPE:  not regulated  Bq /day 
 Inert gases:  3.12*10+10 Bq /day   MPE:   4,60*10+13  Bq /day 
 Iodine:  2.77*10+04 Bq /day   MPE:   4,60*10+09  Bq /day 
 * - maximum permissible emission 
Water utilization
 on the town: 7086 m3 
 on construction yard: 3 m3 
 on industrial site: 361 m3