History of the Training Centre

In 1994 Training Department was reorganized into Training Center (TC) with the purpose of implementation of traditional and new tasks. A number of leading specialists from among operating and repair personnel got involved in the work in Training Center.

In January 1997 licensing requirements in nuclear industry of Ukraine were put in force and all NPP’s personnel having right to operate the reactor facility has to pass the practical training at the full-scope simulator (FSS).

Construction of Simulator started in 1992 when American-Ukrainian Committee of Lisbon Initiative on Nuclear Safety made a decision to build at KhNPP the Training Center and equip it by FSS through financial assistance of the United States. In 1993 technical requirements of the project were developed and the tender was announced. American company S3 Technologies won the bids, this company had the experience in FSS development for NPPs of the United States and Eastern Europe countries.

Stock Company “LvovORGRES” specialists took part in FSS construction; they collected, prepared and provided technical documentation concerning Kh-1 to the US. “Energotraining” (Ukraine) worked out all panels, boards and MCR and ECR panels. Instructors and hardware engineers of the Training Center passed their training in the USA. FSS was put into trial operation on December 18, 1997 and into commercial operation in March 2000.

Computerized system was developed and put into operation to maintain FSS configuration. This system made possible to keep records of revealed nonconformities, plan their elimination and control the implementation of measures on FSS conformation to prototype-unit.

Since 1995 program for cooperation with foreign companies, specialized in personnel training (GP, Sonalist (USA), EDF (France), training centers of Great Britain, Spain and Germany) had an effect in frame of Lisbon Initiative. The activity of leading foreign training companies was analyzed and the most acceptable for Ukrainian NPPs approach to personnel training was elaborated.

The important factor that influenced the subsequent improvement of the training system was the development of regulatory basis for Ukrainian NPPs personnel training. According to regulatory requirements Training Center has SNCRU license for personnel training in operating the reactor facilities, a license of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for technical profession course training, retraining, refresher training, course training as well as permission from Gospromgornadzor (State Committee for Industrial Safety, Labor Protection and Mining Supervision) for personnel training on labor protection issues.