Photo Gallery


Domes of Neopalyma Kupyna Church in Netishyn

State Fire Department #7 for KhNPP and Netishyn protection

External crisis centre

Conference hall, Administrative building

Full-scope simulator in the training centre

Building site of Khmelnitsky 4

Building site of Khmelnitsky 3

Khmelnitsky 1 and Khmelnitsky 2

Units of Khmelnitsky NPP in operation

Open switchyard 750 kV

Spray pond

Working with the molten salt container

Turbine hall

Digital instrumentation and control system for automatic control unload and power limitation (UPLS), and accelerated preliminary protection

Reactor hall

Main control room of Khmelnitsky 2

Administrative building

Khmelnitsky 1 and Khmelnitsky 2

Khmelnitsky NPP site