In 2007, KhNPP Safety Culture (SC) Committee was formed with safety culture management purposes, and it functions in line with “Regulations for Safety Culture Committee”, №0.UP.2943.PL-15.  
The SC Committee goal is to ensure effective management of KhNPP activities related to enhancement and development of safety culture, which is a fundamental safety principle.
In order to attain the above goal, the SC Committee is entrusted with organization and control of the following main objectives:
-    Establish goals and objectives for development and enhancement of KhNPP safety culture;
-    Assess SC level achieved by KhNPP;
-    Identify systematic problems in implementation of SC principles by KhNPP, take  adequate decisions related to corrective actions intended to fix such problems;
-    Take decisions related to strategic / key areas for SC development in KhNPP;
-    Adopt Action Plans aimed at SC development in KhNPP and evaluate the status of their implementation;
-    Approve decisions to allocate / distribute resources required for development of safety culture in KhNPP and control if they are efficiently used;
-    Evaluate efficiency of KhNPP administrative and engineering personnel in ensuring and developing safety culture;
-    Submit SC issues for consideration of NNEGC Energoatom’s Safety Culture Board, which need to be decided at the Company level, and organize implementation of its decisions by KhNPP.

SC Committee is a collegial body. The Chairman of SC Committee is KhNPP General Director, and Deputy Chairman is KhNPP Chief Engineer. The membership of SC Committee is determined by KhNPP order. The Committee shall include KhNPP senior managers responsible for:
-    Operations;
-    Maintenance;
-    Radioactive waste management;
-    Nuclear fuel management;
-    Nuclear safety;
-    Radiation safety;
-    Industrial safety;
-    Supervision and oversight;
-    Human resources management;
-    Personnel qualification management;
-    Engineering, scientific and technical support;
-    Quality management.

Also, the above order assigns Committee member responsible for organizational support, and a secretary.    Roles are distributed among the Committee members and recorded in the minutes of the Committee meetings.
The Committee activities involve regular meetings based on the Committee annual plans. KhNPP line managers can be invited to the Committee meetings depending on issues to be discussed. All Committee members have the right to vote. Decisions are taken by simple majority of votes. Invited participants have consultative vote. The Committee decisions are documented in the minutes of the meeting.