Fire Safety Supervision Department

In order to bring the organizational structure of KhNPP Fire Safety Service in compliance with “Standard Provisions on Fire Safety Service”, “Provisions on Fire Safety Service of NNEGC “Energoatom”, and on the basis of Order # 1 180 of 29.07.2004 “About the Modification of KhNPP Organizational Structure”, Fire Safety Supervision Department was organized at KhNPP. It is the part of Oversight Inspection and Fire Safety Service.
KhNPP Fire Safety Service includes the following personnel: Head, Oversight Inspection and Fire Safety Service; Head, Fire Safety Supervision Department; Lead inspectors of Fire Safety Supervision Department; Inspector. The total number of Fire Safety Supervision Department personnel is 5 people. The department is directly subordinated to KhNPP Chief Inspector via the Head of Oversight Inspection and Fire Safety Service.
The Head of Fire Safety Supervision Department, inspectors have sufficient knowledge, theoretical training, work skills, and experience in order to perform supervision duties related to observance of fire safety rules and interfaces with State Fire Safety Authorities.
Activities of Oversight Inspection and Fire Safety Service are regulated by the “Provisions on KhNPP Oversight Inspection and Fire Safety Service”, # IG.1715.PL-15.

Fire prevention measures

The following fire prevention measures are carried out in order to prevent fires and ignitions at KhNPP:

 1 Number of held meetings of fire-technical commission 44
 2 Number of inspections by FSS
 187 205
 3 Issued orders / items by FSS
 4 Number of articles published in the newspaper
 18 23