Social Policy

Social Policy

Social policy of NNEGC Energoatom is a constituent part of general policy carried out as social programs and various activities intended to meet the needs and interests of the Company’s employees. Resilient and safe operation of the enterprise depends on successful implementation of social policy at the Company.

Main objective of social policy at Khmelnytskyi NPP is to provide for social benefits and safeguards to KhNPP personnel, members of their families, and retired employees, support social programs at the town of Netishyn and surveillance area based on social policy programs of Ministry of Energy and Environment Protection of Ukraine, NNECG Energoatom and its collective bargain agreement.

Budget for social development provides for funding to pay one-time welfare to the employees of the Company for childbirth, monthly welfare for the period of maternity leave to care for a child under three and six years, welfare to the families of the Company employees who have invalid children, orphans, half-orphans in case of loss of a breadwinner, medical treatment of the Company employees, their families, and retired employees. Financial help for burial is paid in case of death of the Company employee or his\her close relatives.

As per terms of the collective bargain agreement one-time payment is carried out to the employees dismissed from KhNPP and its trade union due to the retirement.

Over a year employees of the Company and members of their families go on vacation to health resorts and their children go to health improvement camps.

In 2019, personnel of KhNPP collected money for Christmas presents to children of two boarding schools for disabled children in the town of Ostroh, Berezdiv boarding school, Berezdiv lyceum and invalid and elderly people of residential care house in the village of Kryvyn.

Gifts were given to orphaned children and children deprived of parental care of the Neshishyn Professional Lyceum.

Every year, at St. Nicholas day children taking medical treatment at a hospital also receive Christmas gifts.  

KhNPP personnel provided the following charity contributions:
-    Fund raising for the treatment of seriously ill employees of the plant;
-    Collection of clothing, shoes, household articles for Khmelnytskyi Regional Public Organization “Sustainable Development fund of “Prince Sangushko” for further handover to needy families residing in Slavuta and Iziaslav districts.   
-    Delivery of gifts and ultroneous donations (clothing, shoes, toys, food) made by KhNPP personnel to the boarders of Ostroh and Berezdiv boarding schools and  invalid and elderly people of residential care house in the village of Kryvyn;

In 2019, 125 families of KhNPP employees were provided housing and improved living conditions, namely:
- interest-free loans were provided for 17 employees of the Khmelnytskyi NPP to purchase apartments on the secondary market;
- 108 employees of KhNPP received apartments (on sale terms) in apartment building # 505 of improved planning on Independence Ave., 3а.

In December 2019, a pilot project on voluntary health insurance for employees of KhNPP NPP was introduced.

Thus, the main priorities of KhNPP social policy are as follows:
*    Improve social protection system;
*    Enhance personnel incentive;
*    Apply integrated approach to solving housing problem;
*    Improve health care services and aftertreatment;
*    Implement youth policy;
*    Create conditions to enhance sports and recreation activities;
*    Increase cultural level and aesthetic education of personnel;
*    Enhance and improve cooperation with local governments in developing social infrastructure.