Response to Accidents and Emergencies

In case of accident or emergency EPRS allows to:

• detect accident and related plant statuses, classify accidents;

• notify plant management and personnel, NNEGC Energoatom officers,  state regulatory authority for nuclear and radiation safety, national and local executive authorities, local governments, and other authorities, organizations and establishments as per approved notification scheme; notify them about the progress of accident, and accident consequence  mitigation activities;

• launch and call off  KhNPP emergency response plan;

• support main control room personnel, operating personnel  to manage accident in order to mitigate its consequences;

• assess and predict accident propagation paths, accident consequences; assess   emissions and discharges of radioactive substances, monitor and predict changes in radiation situation, monitor and predict personnel dose burden;

• give directions to emergency groups and brigades working at KhNPP site and within the health protection area;

• mitigate accident consequences  including radiation survey, engineer reconnaissance, engineering measures, and emergency repairs and other activities;

• provide materials for emergency response, equip with required emergency equipment and materials;

• set up security measures at KhNPP, and radiation contamination areas;

• inform continuously state regulatory authority for nuclear and radiation safety, NNEGC Energoatom  emergency committee, anthropogenic and ecological safety committees at Khmelnitsky and Rivne Region, and Netishyn local council about propagation of accident and measures taken; and communicate with specified authorities;

• interact with emergency units of emergency response center, and “Atomremontservis” separate entity;

• interact with territorial governing bodies specially authorized by national executive body for civil protection, set up special services of national executive bodies involved into mitigation of accidents at KhNPP;

• document initial events of the emergency and start accident mitigation measures.