Emergency Plan

KhNPP has developed and approved Emergency Plant for Khmelnitsky NPP, designed to prepare and conduct agreed actions aimed at the mitigation of accident consequences, prevention or reduction of radiation exposure to KhNPP personnel, public, and the environment in case of accident at KhNPP and any emergencies caused by this accident.

Emergency plan allocates duties and responsibilities among KhNPP officers and departments on emergency response measures, establishes the sequence of these action at KhNPP site and within health protection area, composition of units and means intended to the related purposes, procedure of interactions with off-site organizations involved into mitigation of accident consequences.

Emergency plan for Khmelnitsky NPP is a guiding document to respond in different emergencies, it is flexible enough to set up temporary procedures for implementing emergency preparedness objectives.

The Plan consists of three parts:
  • document body;
  • step-by- step response charts;
  • attachments.
Body document of emergency plan contains the following:
  • policy, objective, and tasks defined by NNEGC Energoatom and KhNPP management on organizing emergency preparedness;
  • responsibility of the management, main tasks of KhNPP emergency units, emergency response equipment;
  • accident qualification procedure;
  • notification and information transfer;
  • main activities on the protection of personnel and public;
  • overall action plan in case of accident or emergency at KhNPP.

Step-by-step response charts contain detailed instructions to plant shift supervisor, on-site emergency manager, members of emergency staff, emergency response groups and brigades on emergency response measures.

Attachment to emergency plan contains reference materials required to ensure implementation of emergency response measures.

KhNPP emergency plan is a mandatory document for all KhNPP departments and officers, as well as persons and contracting companies assigned to or performing works at KhNPP site and health protection area.

Personnel of Netishyn hospital, 3rd State fire and rescue unit protecting KhNPP, Emergency technical center, separate entity “Atomremontservis”, personnel of territorial and functional subsystems of integrated civil protection system involved into the support to KhNPP are guided by Emergency plan in force  in a part of organization of agreed action (interaction) with the plant management and emergency response personnel.