Emergency Facilities

The following are KhNPP special emergency facilities:
• on-site emergency response center;
• off-site emergency response center;
• fall-out shelters  №1, 2, 3.

In March 2008 on-site and off-site emergency response centers have been set up and brought into compliance with related requirements.

KhNPP on-site emergency response center is a complex of premises arranged and equipped with required equipment to station emergency response manager and his staff , engineering support group, other personnel in case of accident to fulfill their duties on accident response, protection of KhNPP personnel and public. On-site emergency response center is located on the territory of KhNPP site. 

KhNPP off-site emergency response center is designed to implement main functions in case of accident when protection equipment and life support systems cannot provide radiation protection of personnel in on-site emergency response center.  KhNPP off-site emergency response center is located in the northern part of Netishyn at the distance of 4,3 km. from the site.

During accidents emergency response centers can continuously operate under normal conditions (24 hours 7 days per week).

In case of accident or emergency personnel is covered in fall-out shelters   № 1, 2, 3, and other premises located at KhNPP site, where radiation and health indicators are below admissible limits established for personnel  of “A” category in Radiation Safety Norms of Ukraine. Life support systems in fall-out shelters provide for optimum conditions of internal environment. 

Figure 1 Emergency Response Center Filter Unit

Figure 2 Emergency Response Center Uninterruptable Power Supply System 

Figure 3 Off-site Emergency Response Center Diesel-Generator

Figure 4 Room of Off-site Emergency Response Staff

Figure 5 Radiation Monitoring System at Emergency Response Center

Figure 6 Room of On-site Emergency Response Staff

Figure 7 KhNPP Fall-out Shelter №3

Figure 8 Main Entrance to Fall-out Shelter №3 at KhNPP

Equipment and Resources

KhNPP personnel have the following equipment and resources to perform tasks on emergency preparedness and response:
• personal protection equipment;
• personal dosimeters and radiological and chemical survey equipment;
• communication and notification equipment;
• vehicles, gas and oil;
• required tools, equipment, machines and materials;
• water and food supplies;
• potassium iodine;
• equipment operation manuals;
• evacuation documentation;
• software to display unit process parameters.

KhNPP continuously monitors radiation situation at the site, in health protection area and surveillance area by automated radiation monitoring system.

KhNPP emergency groups and brigades are equipped with emergency kits and equipment used during accidents or emergency at KhNPP.