In case of accident or emergency at KhNPP once an accident is classified the following officers, establishment and organizations shall be notified:

• on-duty dispatcher of NNEGC Energoatom;
• duty officer of State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine;
• duty officers of Civil Protection Office of Regional State Administrations at Khmelnitsky and Rivne regions;
• head of state inspectorate for nuclear safety at KhNPP;
• executive body of Netishyn local council;
• head of Netishyn hospital;
• head of Netishyn police office;
• duty officer of Netishyn office of Security Service of Ukraine;
• duty dispatcher of fire and rescue brigade № 7 attached to KhNPP;
• duty dispatcher of South-West electric grid;
• duty officer of hydrometeorological center at Rivne;
• state ecological inspectorate at Khmelnitsky region;
• North-West state inspectorate for nuclear and radiation safety;
• duty dispatcher of fire and rescue brigade № 6 at Ostrog of Rivne Region.

Notification of off-site organizations by phone is duplicated by fax messages.

Since the deployment of Emergency Response Plan at KhNPP and till its cancellation exchange of information between KhNPP and off-site organizations is provided by information support and off-site communication group. 

Upon the receipt of information requests from off-site organizations KhNPP will promptly provide clarifications and specifications as pertains relevant information.   In addition, three times a day Khmelnitsky NPP provides information about radiation situation in surveillance area to duty officer of Khmelnitsky state regional administration.